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Copper Nickel 70/30

Copper Nickel 70/30

70/30 is a 70% copper, 30% nickel alloy with additions of iron and manganese. These elemental additions make it somewhat more resistant to corrosion and erosion and with slightly improved strength level than 90/10, making it suitable for more demanding applications. In particular, its corrosion resistance is notably improved in high-velocity waters (up to 4.5m/s) and polluted seawater.
70/30 is readily cold worked, fabricated and welded without any special material considerations. The most popular specifications covering this alloy are the CN107 and C71500 designations, although the Defence Standard DEF STAN 02-879 Annex B offers tighter controls on impurities and mechanical properties together with a mandatory impact value

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Applications of 70/30

Offshore & marine
Chemical processing
Welding backing rings
flexible metal hose
weld wire and boiler parts.