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Inconel 601


INCONEL® nickel-chromium-iron alloy 601 (UNS N06601/W.Nr. 2.4851) is a general-purpose engineering material for applications that require resistance to heat and corrosion. An outstanding characteristic of INCONEL alloy 601 is its resistance to hightemperature oxidation. The alloy also has good resistance to aqueous corrosion, has high mechanical strength, and is readily formed, machined and welded. The limiting chemical composition of INCONEL alloy601 . The composition is a facecentered-cubic solid solution with a high degree of metallurgical stability. The alloy’s nickel base, in conjunction with substantial chromium content, provides resistance to many corrosive media and hightemperature environments. Oxidation resistance is further enhanced by the aluminum content.

The properties of INCONEL alloy 601 make it a material of broad utility in such fields as thermal processing, chemical processing, pollution control, aerospace, and power generation

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Rod, Bar, Wire, and Forging Stock: ASTM B 166/ASME SB 166 (Rod, Bar, and Wire), DIN 17752 (Bar), DIN 17753 (Wire), DIN 17754 (Forgings), EN10095 (Plate, Sheet, Strip, Bars, Rods and Sections), ISO 9723 (Bar), ISO 9724 (Wire), ISO 9725 (Forgings)

Plate, Sheet, and Strip:ASTM B 168/ ASME SB 168 (Plate, Sheet, and Strip), DIN 17750 (Strip and Sheet), EN10095 (Plate, Sheet, Strip, Bars, Rods and Sections), ISO 6208 (Plate, Sheet, and Strip)

Pipe and Tube:ASTM B 167/ASME SB 167 (Seamless Pipe and Tube), ASTM B 751/ASME SB 751 (Seamless and
Welded Tube), ASTM B 775/ASME SB 775 (Seamless and Welded Pipe), ASTM B 829/ASME SB 829 (Seamless Pipe
and Tube), DIN 17751 (Tube), ISO 6207 (Tubing)

Welding Products– INCONEL Filler Metal 601 – AWS A5.14/ERNiCrFe-11

Other Products –ASME Code Case 1500, DIN 17742, ISO NW6601

Alloy 601 has found a wide variety of applications in high temperature areas in furnace construction, the chemical
industry, in environmental protection facilities, in the automobile industry and in power plants. Typical application
fields include:
  •  Trays, baskets and fixtures for heat treatment plants, e. g. in carburizing or carbonitriding environments.
  •  Refractory anchors, strand-annealing and radiant heater tubes, high-velocity gas burners, wire mesh belts in
    industrial furnaces.
  •  Isolating inserts in ammonia crackers and catalyst support grids in nitric acid production.
  •  High temperature components in automotive parts, e. g. manifolds, glow plug tubes or sensor caps.
  •  Combustion chambers in solid waste incinerators.
  •  Tube supports and ash-handling components.
  •  Components in exhaust gas systems.
  •  Oxygen preheaters