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INCOLOY alloy 890 offers high strength with excellent resistance to sulfidation, carburization, oxidation at temperatures up to 1200°C (2200°F). It is the latest addition to the INCOLOY family of heat-treatment alloys.By virtue of its chromium and silicon contents, alloy 890 offers the greatest resistance to attack at elevated temperatures of any of the INCOLOY family of alloys.

INCOLOY alloy 890 is readily fabricated by conventional techniques. Annealing alloy 890 is accomplished by heating to a temperature between 2050 and 2200°F (1121 and 1204°C), holding for a time commensurate with section thickness, followed by rapid cooling in air or water quenching.

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  • INCOLOY alloy 890 is mainly used for domestic and industrial sheathed heater applications and other high-temperature applications