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INCONEL Alloy 601 is a Nickel based alloy with a high Chromium content (approx. 25wt%) with an addition of Aluminium, which is designed to resist high temperature oxidising atmospheres in the heat treatment of metals and materials. One of the most widely used thermowell sheathing material and oxygen injection tubes in the metal and glass making industries. The field of use extends to industrial furnace
retorts and muffles, baskets, jigs and fixtures, wire annealing tubes which have all been produced in this excellent high temperature material.

Tubing in the alloy has been used for many years in ceramic tile production in the latest designs of roller hearth ovens as the material resists the high temperature firing cycle and the corrosive effects of the glazes and stucco applied to the tiles.

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Inconel 601 has found a wide variety of applications in industries as diverse as thermal and chemical processing, pollution control and power generation.Typical applications are:
  • Chemical Processing
  • Aerospace
  • Heat treating industry
  • Power generation
  • Heat treating muffles and retorts
  • Radiant tubes
  • Catalyst support grids in nitric acid production
  • Steam superheater tube supports
  • Copper brazing, annealing and sintering
  • Muffles and retorts
  • Radiant tubes
  • Strand annealing tubes
  • Steam superheater tube supports
  • Rotary kilns and calciners
  • Thermocouple protection tubes
  • Nuclear waste transport tank lining
  • Vitrification of nuclear waste