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Stockist of Inconel 800H Plates In Mumbai

Inconel 800H

INCOLOY® 800H® is a controlled composition derivative of INCOLOY® alloy 800 (UNS N08800). Applications have extended from petrochemical processing reformer tubing, to bellows and flare tips in refinery service. In power generation, superheater and reheater tubing has also employed the material. Heat treatment retorts, muffles jigs and fixtures have also used this material to great effect.

Alloy 800H has good creep rupture properties at temperatures above 1100°F (600°C). It remains ductile during long term use at temperatures below 1290°F (700°C) due to a maximum titanium and aluminum content of 0.7%. Alloy 800H resists reducing, oxidizing and nitriding atmospheres, as well as, atmospheres that alternate between reducing and oxidizing. The alloy remains stable in long term high temperature service.

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  • Nitrate condenser—Corrosion resistance of Nitric acid
  • Steam heating pipes–Very good mechanical properties
  • Heat up element tube–Very good mechanical properties
  • Petroleum and petrochemical industries
  • Power generation
  • Steel production
  • Thermal processing
  • Chemical processing